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About the NMFRC

The National Metal Finishing Resource Center (NMFRC) is an Internet-based organization which was established in 1995 under a program jointly funded by the Commerce Department’s National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and the Environmental Protection Agency.

The NMFRC is the most comprehensive environmental, technical, and pollution prevention metal finishing resource available worldwide. Key NMFRC features include:

  • A searchable technical database containing over 7,000 articles, papers and reports covering metal finishing process and pollution control topics.
  • Environmental compliance assistance tools, including full text regulations, late-breaking directives, and interpretations from EPA and states.
  • Specifications (with index) used in metal finishing.
  • Shop, supplier, and people directories containing over 8,000 entries.
  • Interactive features where users can quickly obtain reliable information from industry experts.
  • On-line calculators designed for finishing needs.

The Administrative Director of NMFRC is Bill Chenevert, 734-995-7989. Regulatory and technical questions regarding metal finishing can be directed to George Cushnie. Technical questions regarding this website should be directed to Mark Eelman

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