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Exhibit 3-25. Information and Data for Ion Exchange Resins Used for Metal Finishing Applications

Plating Sol.              Resin Type          Capacity       Regenerant      
                                           lbs. Metal/ft3                         
Watts Nickel           strong acid cation       1.8          H2SO4 or HCl    
Sulfamate Nickel       strong acid cation       1.8          sulfamic acid   
Acid Copper            strong acid cation       2.0          H2SO4 or HCl    
Acid Zinc              strong acid cation       1.8          HCl             
Cyanide Copper1        strong acid cation       1.5          H2SO4           
Cyanide Zinc1          strong acid cation       1.2          H2SO4 or HCl    
Cyanide Cadmium1       strong acid cation       1.3          H2SO4          
Cyanide1               medium base anion        1.6          NaOH            
Tin/Lead Fluoroborate  strong acid cation       6.5          methyl-sulfamic acid
Chrome Plating Cation  strong acid cation       1.7          H2SO4 or HCl    
Chrome Plating Anion   medium base anion        3.1          NaOH            
Final Polishing        selective cation         2.7          H2SO4 or HCl/NaOH 

1Cyanide metal solutions are treated first by a strong acid cation resin (cyanide complex destruction and metal recovery) followed by a medium base anion resin (cyanide recovery). This process is discussed in Section 3.4.3.

Source: Based on data provided by Dr. Fred Reinhard, Kinetic Recovery Corporation.

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