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Pollution Prevention and Control Technologies for Plating Operations

Section 1 - Overview of Project Results

1.1 Description of Project

1.1.2 Relationship of Report and Database

This text and the associated database are a unique and dynamic method of transferring information among users of technology. The book organizes information and data from various sources, while the database gives readers a mechanism to investigate the basis of any conclusions and, if they chose, to conduct their own analyses. For example, using the database, the reader has the opportunity to further explore specific facts found in the book concerning the technologies and the plating shops that use them or to perform statistical analyses on categories of data that may answer the reader's own unique technical, regulatory or economic questions. The book and database are dynamic in the sense that an updated version of each will be prepared once these results are disseminated and feedback is received. This will include additional data that will be accepted from new respondents to the Users Survey and Vendors Survey (see definitions of the surveys in Section 1.1.3).

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