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Pollution Prevention and Control Technologies for Plating Operations

Section 1 - Overview of Project Results

1.1 Description of Project

1.1.4 Project Organization and Participants

This project was sponsored by the National Center for Manufacturing Sciences. Partial funding for the project was provided by the Joyce Foundation. The project was managed by Paul D. Chalmer, Ph.D. of NCMS. Highly valued technical support and guidance during the project were provided by the following individuals (company and/or affiliation shown in parenthesis):

Frank Altmayer (Scientific Control Laboratory and the American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society)
Brenda Harrison (Texas Instruments)
Dave Marsh (Marsh Plating and the National Association of Metal Finishers)
Brian Manty (United Technologies, Pratt & Whitney)
Brian Ramey (the former General Motors, Allison Gas Turbine Division)
Bill Sonntag (National Association of Metal Finishers)

The key project participants in this study were the plating shop personnel that completed survey forms and provided other technical information. The members of the National Association of Metal Finishers provided approximately 1,800 man-hours of time collecting data and completing the forms. The time spent by other individuals from plating shops totaled approximately 200 man-hours.

Another key source of information and data for this project was provided by the manufacturers and vendors of pollution prevention and control equipment and operators of off-site metals recovery operations. These companies are identified in Section 1.1.6. Individuals from these companies that contributed most significantly are: Fred Reinhard (Kinetic Recovery Corporation); Serge Astaud (i3); Lyle Kirman (Kinetico Engineered Systems, Inc.); Larry Zitko, (Chrometech, Inc.); Stratton Tragellis (Memtek Corporation); and Jon Youngson (Midwest Air Products, Co.).

The contractor for this project was CAI Engineering. George Cushnie was the CAI project manager and the author of the surveys and this text. The Users Survey database development was performed by a consultant, George Ryder. Mark Eelman of CAI Engineering provided extensive technical and economic input regarding chemical recovery and bath maintenance technologies. Peter Gallerani of Integrated Technologies developed cost curves from vendor data. George Pollin and Leslie Cushnie of CAI provided technical input and assisted in conducting the surveys and organizing the literature database. Leslie Cushnie also managed the publication of this text. Nova Ryder performed data input for the Users Survey. Kim Tomlinson prepared graphics and performed word processing. Tom Higgins and Jeff Enzminger of CH2M Hill provided a portion of the technical literature used during the project.

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