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Pollution Prevention and Control Technologies for Plating Operations

Section 3 - Chemical Recovery


3.6.4 Technology/Equipment Description

This subsection contains names of commercially available electrodialysis equipment that is manufactured and/or sold by vendor survey respondents. This is intended to provide the reader with information and data on a cross section of available equipment. Mention of trade names or commercial products is not intended to constitute endorsement for use.

Graver Water, a division of The Graver Company, markets electrodialysis units manufactured by Tokuyama Soda, a world leader in the membrane technology. Their target industries are food, photograph finishing, pulp processing, waste control and metal finishing. Their key metal finishing applications include nickel and zinc recovery from galvanizing and acid or alkali recovery.

Kinetic Recovery Corporation markets electrodialysis equipment for various applications, including: Watts nickel, copper cyanide, cadmium cyanide, and zinc phosphates. Their typical units have membrane surface areas ranging from approximately 35 ft2 to 190 ft2, although all units are custom designed to meet individual process needs. Their systems are skid mounted and include: membrane stack, holding tank for concentrate, holding tank for diluate, holding tank for electrode rinse, three sets of level controls, three pumps for liquid transfer, plumbing, automated valves, flow meter, pressure gauges, cartridge filters and control panel.

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