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Pollution Prevention and Control Technologies for Plating Operations

Section 3 - Chemical Recovery


3.6.6 Performance Experience

Only two of the user survey respondents indicated that they have used electrodialysis as a recovery technology (PS 012 and PS 125). PS 012 purchased a system from LEA in 1982 and PS 125 purchased a system from Baker Brothers in 1986. A summary of the data provided by these respondents is shown in Exhibit 3-52. Neither of these applications was successful. Failure of the technology at PS 012 was attributed to maintenance problems with the membrane and associated repair and parts replacement costs. Their system was removed from service in 1987 after 5 years of service (non-continuous due to O&M problems). They indicated that the technology did not satisfy the purpose for which they purchased it (i.e., to help meet effluent regulations and reduce operating costs). PS 125 did not provide many details on their system's performance. They simply stated: "machine returned after threatened law suit because it never worked." Presently PS 125 uses a vacuum evaporator for nickel recovery that has been relatively successful (only reported problem was a build-up of sodium chloride in the nickel bath, see Section 3.3).

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