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Pollution Prevention and Control Technologies for Plating Operations

Section 4 - Chemical Solution Maintenance


4.3.5 Costs Capital Costs Operating Costs Capital Costs

Equipment costs for microfiltration units applicable to the maintenance of cleaning/degreasing baths are presented in Exhibit 4-6. These costs are based on the use of the ceramic membrane technology with a flux rate of approximately 50 to 100 gfd. Equipment sizing is heavily dependent on the oil and soil loading of the bath. A 300 gpd microfiltration unit will typically maintain a cleaning/degreasing bath that is processing 10,000 ft2/week of parts coated with machining oil.

Installation costs for microfiltration units are estimated to be 10% to 30% of the equipment costs. Operating Costs

Operating costs for microfiltration have not been estimated due to the limited number of installed systems and the limited availability of operating data. Operating costs, including labor, reported by one respondent to the Users Survey are given in Section 4.3.6.

Kinetic Recovery Corporation, a vendor of microfiltration equipment, provided an example calculation of payback for a Cleaner Purification System (CPS) which is presented in Exhibit 4-7 with some modifications (to conform with standard cost items used in this book).

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