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Specifications Cross-Index

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Click on the category to find applicable military, ASTM, ISO, SAE/ASM and other organizations specifications. Specifications available in full-text from the NMFRCDatabase are linked directly to this index.

1. Metal Cleaning and Surface Preparation


2. Electroplating


3. Electroless and Immersion Coatings


4. Anodizing, Other Anodic Treatments


5. Phosphating, Black Oxide and Conversion Coatings


6. Miscellaneous Chemical Processes, Treatments and Coatings


7. Mechanical Finishing


8. Vacuum Coatings


9. Thermal Spray Coatings


10. Galvanizing and Hot Dip Processes


11. Porcelain Enameling


12. Organic Coatings (includes paint and lacquer)


13. Substrates and Specific Parts



14. Equipment, Chemicals, Anodes, Other Materials (except paint)


15. Heat Treatments and Baking


16. Testing, Measurements, Sampling, and Inspection


17. Printed Wiring Board and Electronics Manufacturing
18. General Procedures, Terminology, Handbooks, and Miscellaneous Documents

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