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Pollution Prevention and Control Vendors

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Mostardi Platt Environmental 1520 Kensington Road
Oak Brook, IL 60523
Contact: David Osadjan, CHMM
Phone: 630-993-2100
Fax: 630-993-9017
How can we help you? Isn't hearing that a breath of fresh air? Too often in today's hectic, stress-filled world there just isn't enough time to get things done right, but always enough time to do it over. It's a vicious circle that just repeats itself. We find ourselves jumping from one fire to another. How can we help you? Mostardi Platt Environmental can provide the exact service you need - so you can reach your goals more effectively. We can help you: " Reduce your environmental burden " Achieve performance objectives " Deliver measurable results " Increase efficiency " Reduce costs " Maximize operating flexibility How can we help you? PERMITTING AND REPORTING Air, land, and water regulations can be complex. Mostardi Platt Environmental (MPE) can help your company reduce the regulatory burden. We provide full-spectrum environmental consulting and services. Mostardi Platt Environmental is located in the western suburbs of Chicago. We have extensive experience dealing various local, state and federal agency representatives. Does your facility need a new air or water permit. Perhaps you are faced with the daunting task of assembling and submitting the AER, TRI, Tier II, DMR or other required report. Do you know what to do? Will you have it ready by the deadline? Wouldn't you rather focus on your core business and allow an expert like Mostardi Platt Environmental to complete and submit all of your required reports BEFORE the deadline? Ready to reduce the burden? MPE's innovative approach puts your business first. We're ready to be your full-service partner. Your business needs to stay compliant and on track. That's why we strive to minimize disruptions and keep costs low. We've delivered successful solutions to clients in virtually every industry. How can we help you? Get your answers to your needs at http://www.mostardiplattenv.com/ or call us at 630-993-2100. How can we help you? OSHA You need to protect your employees - and your company. But, complying with complex OSHA measures can be a burden. Mostardi Platt Environmental (MPE) can help. We can provide your facility with all required written plans, testing, training and compliance auditing BEFORE OSHA inspects your facility. How can we help you? DOT HAZARDOUS MATERIAL Does your facility ship placardable quantities of hazardous materials? if so, you are subject to the Department of Transportation Hazardous Material Security Plan requirements. Mostardi Platt Environmental has the expertise to assist your facility in the creation of a written plan and conducting training for your employees. How can we help you? HAZARDOUS WASTE Are you a Large Quantity Generator? Do you know what the benefits to be considered a Small Quantity Generator can mean to your facility? Mostardi Platt Environmental has the capability to provide your facility with as little or as much assistance that is needed. Perhaps you just require a little fine tuning; maybe you are a new startup and have little-to-no experience; maybe the EPA has just finished an inspection and now you are "under the gun" to get in compliance. Whatever your situation, Mostardi Platt Environmental can work with your facility to create the best possible results. How can we help you? The only way that we can help you is by you taking the next step and contacting Mostardi Platt Environmental via computer, telephone or email. http://www.mostardiplattenv.com/ 630-993-2100 Help us help you.

DECA Environmental & Associates, Inc. 410 1st Avenue NE
Carmel, IN 46032
Contact: Jim Euler
Phone: 317-575-0095
Fax: 317-575-0096
Since 1994, DECA Environmental & Associates has provided clients with customized and cost-effective environmental compliance services. Our experts have developed a unique, value-added approach to environmental compliance. While our forte is keeping clients environmentally compliant, we are also proud of our ability to eliminate unnecessary expenses and increase our client's profitability.

DECA Environmental & Associates, Inc. 410 1st Ave NE
Carmel, IN 46032
Contact: Jim B. Euler
Phone: 317-575-0095
Fax: 317-575-0096
DECA concentrates on air permitting which leads into a Total Compliance Program maintaining the reporting and recordkeeping required for the air permit, TIER II and Form R, stormwater, SPCC and hazardous waste issues affecting a manufacturing plant. DECA can be used for as much or as little as needed.

Total Compliance Services PO Box 821163
North Richland Hills, TX 76182
Contact: Jim Conner
Phone: 817-449-3162
We create a customized program for your business to fit specfic needs and budgets. We take the guesswork out of meeting the ever changing compliance requirements for Environmental, Safety and Quality Managment Systems.

Polyfab Plastics 820 N. Cedarbrook Ave.
Springfield, MO 65802
Contact: Jon Barrows
Phone: 417-862-6512
Fax: 417-862-9080
Polyfab manufactures and installs metal finishing equipment ranging from single tanks to energy-efficient turn-key lines

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