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Pollution Prevention and Control Vendors

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Liquid Treatment Technologies,Inc. 194 South Main Street
West Bridgewater, MA 02379
Contact: Mark Arbeene
Phone: 508-586-9972
Fax: 508-586-1630
Designers Engineers and Manufacturers of affordable, customized purificaton,compliance and recycle systems for the surface finishing industry.

Environmental Consulting Service LLC 400 Roast Meat Hill Rd
Killingworth, CT 06419
Contact: Stephen Perrone
Phone: 203 387 3659
Industrial waste water treatment systems & recovery technology Design and build services

C&G Wastewater Evaporators www.cgevaporator.com
Los Angeles, CA 90010
Contact: Matthew Menashe
Phone: 213-915-6880
Fax: 213-427-9426
C&G Wastewater, known as C&G Depurazione Industriale Srl, is a manufacturer of industrial water and industrial wastewater treatment systems, including industrial wastewater evaporators. Our wastewater evaporators are constructed using high quality metals sourced in Europe and have many options including alternative energy, stainless steel, explosion proof systems and many more.

Proceco Ltd 7300 Tellier Street
Montreal, QC H1N 3T7
Contact: Chantal Rousseau
Phone: 1-800-978-6677
Proceco Éco-Smart mechanical vapor-recompression evaporators use vacuum distillation to treat industrial wastewater such as rinse water issued from surface treatment, aqueous parts washing, or die-casting processes. The Éco-Smart MVR is designed to reclaim up to 98% of process water making it an ideal liquid zero-discharge solution. The Éco-Smart MVR does not use electric, gas, or steam heat sources to generate the distillate.

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