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January, 1953 issue of Plating



Know Thyself

EACH INDIVIDUAL and the management of every business should from time to time take stock of himself or the business as the case may be. The first step in any plan to improve a condition or a situation must of necessity be an objective study, a careful appraisal.

In an effort to serve the membership better, the Executive Board has had distributed to readers of PLATING a questionnaire asking for information with regard to the position held by the member or subscriber and the work done by his employer. A good response to this survey will guide the Executive Board and the Headquarters Staff along the path of better service.

If the Readership Survey form has not as yet been returned to the Newark office, it is requested that you do so now and, when replying, do not overlook the fact that a special request is directed to all members inquiring as to your desire for a complete index to PLATING and the Proceedings.

“Know thyself” is a good slogan for the individuals, companies and organizations alike. We are counting on you to respond to our request for information in order that we may know you better—you who make up the American Electroplaters’ Society.

Franklin J. MacStoker



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