Historical Articles, October, 1924


by WALTER FRAINE (Oct. 1924, American Electroplaters’ Society Monthly Review)

October is here. Summer is over with its depressing heat. The cooler and energizing days of autumn are with us, bringing with them the realization that holidays and vacation time has slipped away, and that the time has arrived when you, as members of the A. E. S., must plan the activities of your branch societies for the winter months.

What can you do to make your meetings of greater value and benefit to yourself and the society? What does the society need from you and expect from you as loyal members ?

First of all you can help your branch by a regular attendance at its meetings. A full attendance gives greater inspiration and encouragement to your branch officers to plan for and to arrange more interesting affairs. You can help by attending the social and open meetings and share in the spirit of good-fellowship which they fester. You call give encouragement to the member who has not as yet acquired the real spirit of the society and you can do your part to reform the carping critic and knocker or, if he has an honest-to-goodness reason for his attitude, help to remedy the conditions causing it.

The society hopes to increase its membership and to work in usefulness. You can help by publishing the good work accomplished through the society for the "advancement of the science of electroplating" among your fellows who are not members at present and thereby secure new members to swell our roll. As our society is organized on the basic principle of mutual helpfulness and as we increase in members and quality of membership, more good can be accomplished and greater advance made.

This winter the society will witness a revival of activity. To secure the greatest good every member should do his part. If you have not been as active in the past as you should, get busy at once. If you are now an active and interested member, double up on your efforts. You can always do more.

And perhaps, after you have lived your little day and played your part in building a greater and better A. E. S., your epitaph, in so far as the society realizes your good work, may be that of Euripedes. "This monument doth not make thee famous, O, Euripedes, but thou makest this monument famous."



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