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Technical articles written by NASF member companies are accessible from this page. This is an opportunity for member companies to showcase their technical expertise. The articles will focus on technical, scientific, regulatory, and practical issues for the finishing industry. Example topics include new chemistries, processes or equipment; regulatory compliance (e.g., pollution prevention, wastewater treatment, OSHA); sustainability; and maintenance/best practices to promote efficiencies..

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July 2020

A Case Study of the Wastewater Treatment Methods for Alkaline Zinc-Nickel.Mark Andrus and Brad Durkin, Coventya, Inc, Brooklyn Heights, OH.

April 2020

Avoiding Salt Spray Failures and Double Handling of Parts. Mark Adams, CEF, CFS, Columbia Chemical Corp., Brunswick, Ohio.

November 2019

The Care and Feeding of Alkaline Non Cyanide Zinc and Zinc Alloy Generators. Steve Kocka, Atotech USA, LLC

September 2019

Intentional Over-Plating. Felipe Atti, KraftPowercon Inc, USA, Pensacola, Florida, USA

August 2019

Maximize the Service Life of your Process Tanks. PVDF Liners stand the test of time in harsh thermal and chemical environments by Averie Palovcak and Gary Dennis, Arkema Inc. & Tyler Goad, The Goad Company

July 2019

Environmental Pressure to Convert from Hexavalent to Trivalent Chromium. Shane Moore, Pavco, Inc., Charlotte, NC

June 2019

Examining Yellowing in A Blue Trivalent Passivate. Chad Murphy, Technical Account Manager with Columbia Chemical

May 2019

Increasing Productivity in your Metal Finishing Operation.Mark E Norton CEF, CAF, Vice President of Sales, Director of Operations, and President and Owner of Walgren Company in Grand Rapids, MI.

February 2019

Organic Metal for Corrosion and Oxidation Protection. Andy Lesko, Ph.D., Technical Service Engineer, MacDermid Enthone, Inc., Waterbury, Connecticut

November 2018

Reduced Ion Electroless Nickel to Meet a Sustainable Future. Ambrose Schaffer, CEF, Coventya, Inc., Rome, New York, USA

Phosphorus Copper Anodes for Acid Copper Plating. Andre Depew. Andre has many years of experience in metal finishing, machining, and heat treating. Andre has successfully serviced customers throughout the Midwest and Southeast for Enthone, KKSP Precision Machining, Heatbath, and DuBois Chemicals. Today, Andre is the Eastern Regional Sales Representative for Univertical LLC.

October 2018

Best Practices & Energy Efficiency in Surface Finishing. Peter Gallerani & Nic Gallerani – Integrated Technologies, Inc.

September 2018

Pumped Eductor Agitation. Melissa Escobar, SERFILCO

Designing Process Lines to Minimize Energy Costs and Risk. Kyle Hankinson, KCH Engineered Systems

August 2018

Stop Kicking the Can Down the Road. Rich Held, MSF, Laboratory Manager, Haviland Enterprises, Inc., Grand Rapids, Michigan

July 2018

High Current Density Barrel Zinc Electroplating: Staying Competitive in a Global Market. Matt Stauffer, PAVCO, Inc., Charlotte, North Carolina

June 2018

The Impact of Rectification from a Metal Finisher’s Perspective. Fredrik Walldal, Managing Director of KraftPowercon, Inc & Felipe Atti Dos Santos, Industrial Manager of Cromofix Cromo Duro Ltda.

Passivation of Zinc-Nickel Surfaces: An optimal process control is essential to achieve a high corrosion protection and decorative appearance. Peter Hülser, Sabine Sengl, Atotech Deutschland GmbH

May 2018

Maximizing the Capacity of Existing Finishing Lines. Mark E. Norton CEF, CAF, PriceWalgren a division of George Koch Sons. A Production Capacity Tool is a downloadable file associated with this article.

Adhesion. Matt Schario, Director of Technical Services, Columbia Chemical

April 2018

Preventing Tank Catastrophes. Curtis Goad, Goad Company

March 2018

Nickel Anode Forms and Their Use. Jeff Brassard, GM Palm Commodities International, LLC.

February 2018

The Technical History of the Metal Finishing Rectifier.George Viola BSEE from American Plating Power

January 2018

Tri-Chrome in Hard Chrome. Adam Blakeley, MacDermid Enthone.



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